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What is a Certified or Sworn translation and when do you need it?

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About certified translations

When you have to submit a translation to official authorities or for official purposes, you need more than a regular translation. In these cases you need a certified translation.

What is a certified translation?

A certified or sworn translation is an official translation that has been certified by a sworn translator. A sworn translator is a translator that is registered in the Belgian National Register of Sworn Translators and Interpreters. 

If you order a certified translation from us, you can rely on its quality and legal value. We only work with official sworn translators who meet our strict quality requirements.

We ensure an accurate translation, but we also take care of the certification with a declaration, stamp and signature by the sworn translator. This ensures you receive a professional translation that you can use for official purposes.

Avoid costly mistakes

Translation is not a regulated profession, so everyone can call themselves a translator. The profession of sworn translators, however, is strictly regulated by law. Avoid paying for a translation that is not accepted for official purposes and always work with official sworn translators.

If you want to use your translation abroad, you often need an apostille or legalization. Depending on the country, you can request this from your local court, consulate or embassy. Don't have time to do this yourself? We will be happy to help.

Be sure to visit our Apostille page to request a free quote for a translation with apostille.

What our customers say

Very efficient. The translation I asked for was ready ahead of time. The team is also very helpful, providing advice on steps such as legalisation of documents etc., for people like me with no experience in those matters. They can also assist in completing some of the steps required. I warmly recommend them.
Catherine Dom 19-07-2023
I already ordered from them two sworn translations, a university title and a birth certificate, to English and Nederlands. The translations were clean and fast (3 working days) in both cases. They also have a quick response for any question. Recomended.
Javier Collado 16-04-2024
Perfect, fast and friendly service! These people know their business. I needed those translations fast, and they nicely surprised me. The final result was "outstanding"! My translator was Ramona, and no efforts or question was too much. She even answered my dummy questions with a smile. Thank you Ramona for your perfect service, I really do appreciate that! I surely can recommend "Beëdigde Vertalingen". If you want things perfectly done, this is the place to be.
Kristiaan Verberne 31-12-2023

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