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A translated birth certificate allows you to prove your identity. It’s an official document that you can use at different stages in your life. For example, you often need a birth certificate when you want to move to another country. It’s also required if you want to register your children or other family members with the local authorities.

The registrar draws up a birth certificate based on a declaration by the parents or guardian after the birth of a child. Sometimes a birth certificate is also referred to as a proof or declaration of birth. It specifies the place, day and time of birth, the sex of the child, the surname and given names, the place of residence and occupation of the parents and/or declarants and witnesses.

If you are considering moving abroad, for example, the authorities in your destination country will request a translation of your birth certificate.

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The most popular option is a birth certificate translation into Dutch. Since Dutch is the official language in the Netherlands, you will need a sworn translation in one of these languages to have your document accepted in the Netherlands. 

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I recently needed a birth certificate translated and legalized so chose to help me with that and let me tell you - I was not disappointed. On the contrary, I had a great experience! Their customer service is outstanding - every time I had a question or was concerned about one detail or the other, they would respond quickly, offering concise and understandable explanations. All in all, I 100% recommend this service!
Elene Kadagidze 15-09-2020
While looking for a sworn translator in Belgium, I came across the website of - I was a bit wary to begin with but completely without reason. From the quick and friendly reply to my first email to the finished product delivered by registered post to my home (all within 1 week for 2 birth certificates), Certified Translations, and Ramona in particular, were professional, kind, competent, quick and replied to all my questions very promptly. 5 star customer service!
priscilladraper 19-11-2021
Very efficient. The translation I asked for was ready ahead of time. The team is also very helpful, providing advice on steps such as legalisation of documents etc., for people like me with no experience in those matters. They can also assist in completing some of the steps required. I warmly recommend them.
Catherine Dom 19-07-2023

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